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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2017

pp. 1-231

Ponkin I. V., Ponkina A. A.
On the physician’s right to use the patient's medical images for professional purposes
pp. 1-7 (Research)

Shlyafer S. I.
The activities of in-patients social service institutions for elderly age and disabled citizens in the Russian Federation
pp. 8-22 (Research)

Dobrynina O. D., Meshcheryakov V. V., Pavlov S. I., Mikshina Victoria
Predicting the risk of developing bronchial asthma in children aged 5 years and under
pp. 23-37 (Research)

Bubnova I. A., Semchishen V. A., Sviridov A. P., Khaydukov E. V., Novikov I. A., Petrov S. Yu., Pakhomova N. A., Volzhanin A. V.
Studies of luminescence and structure of the eye tissues under mechanical stresses
pp. 38-57 (Research)

Bogomolova E. B., Martusevich A. K., Klemenova I. A., Yanin D. V., Galka A. G.
Application of Modern Methods of Visualization in Study and Prognosing of Pathological Scars
pp. 58-75 (Reviews)

Prisenko V. G., Mahkamova Z. R., Demarco A. V.
Organizational Problems of Spa Rehabilitation of Disabled People with Spinal Cord Injuries
pp. 76-84 (Research)

Belova A. N., Rukina N. N., Kuznetsov A. N., Borzikow V. V., Belova E. M.
Outcomes Assessment for Upper Limb Prosthetic Care. Literature Review
pp. 85-107 (Reviews)

Machekhin V. A., Fabrikantov O. L.
What is an ophthalmologist obliged to do in case of "suspected glaucoma" diagnosis
pp. 108-124 (Research)

Novikov A. V.
Experimental and clinical use of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells to stimulate articular cartilage regeneration
pp. 125-144 (Reviews)

Tereshhenko A. V., Trifanenkova I. G., Alkhimova D. V., Yudina N. N.
Providing High-Tech Medical Care to Patients with Vitreoretinal Pathology: Organizational Experience and Prospects
pp. 145-155 (Research)

Smirnov A. O.
Implementation of Conceptual Approach to Medical Maintenance of International Sports Competitions at World Aquatics Championship Category "Masters"
pp. 156-162 (Brief communications)

Fabrikantov O. L., Konyaev D. A.
Surgical treatment of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment complicated by vitreoretinal proliferation
pp. 163-170 (Research)

Syrak S. V., Sletov A. A., Shchetinin E. V., Koshel I. V.
The Role of Tactics of Surgical Procedures and Selection of Biomaterials in Case of Maxillary Sinus Perforating
pp. 171-179 (Research)

Cherepanova V. V.
Anemic syndrome in Therapeutic Hospital Patients
pp. 180-187 (Research)

Tulenkov A. M.
Sex and Age DALY Features among Prisoners in Volga federal district
pp. 188-199 (Research)

Shabalkin I. P., Grigoreva E. Yu., Stukalov Yu. V., Shabalkin P. I.
Molecular Mechanisms Participating in the Variability of the Cell Genom
pp. 200-206 (Brief communications)

Kirzhanova V. V., Taylor A. W., Bewick B. M., Bobkov E. N., Smirnovskaya M. S.
Survey of Alcohol Consumption and Drinking Patterns Among Young Adults Residing in Moscow in Transition into Adulthood: Socio-Demography, Quantity, Frequency, Context
pp. 207-231 (Research)