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Journal «MEDICINA» 2/2018

pp. 1-130

Pishchita A. N.
The reform of medical education in Russia within the framework of the Bologna Declaration «On the European Higher Education Area»
pp. 1-9 (Discussion)

Mamikonjan V. R., Karamjan A. A., Trufanov S. V., Osipjan G. A., Petrov S. Yu., Safonova D. M.
Femtosecond laser in corneal surgery
pp. 10-34 (Research)

Arushanyan E. B., Shchetinin E. V.
Significance of melatonin for the liver activity
pp. 35-50 (Reviews)

Vyazova A. V.
On the state of modern chronic patient problem
pp. 51-56 (Letters)

Borodina I. E., Salavatova G. G., Shadrina L. A., Popov A. A.
Nonspecific aortoarteritis: clinic, assessment of activity and diagnostic
pp. 57-68 (Reviews)

Pavlush D. G., Pavlush E. N., Matveeva N. U., Kalinichenko S. G., Dyuizen I. V.
Chronic polyposis rhinosinusitis: etiopathogenetic mechanisms of its occurrence
pp. 69-78 (Reviews)

Kozmin-Sokolov N. B.
Wandering Atrial Pacemaker and Ectopic Atrial Rhythms in Adolescents – Electrocardiographic Variants, Prevalence and Their Clinical Significance
pp. 79-93 (Research)

Rozenfeld I. I., Lobynceva E. A.
Modeling of oxidative and psychoemotional stress in rats with the effect of pyrimidine derivatives
pp. 94-105 (Research)

Martusevich A. K., Krivonogova P. L., Bitkina O. A.
Diagnostic value of estimation of crystallogenic porperties of cystic fluid in bullous dermatoses patients
pp. 106-116 (Discussion)

Andreeva V. E., Preobrazhenskaya E. V., Cherkasova I. V., Belova N. V.
Assessment of patient satisfaction with inpatient care as a tool to improve the quality of the work of clinic
pp. 117-130 (Research)