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Journal «MEDICINA» 2/2019

pp. 1-127

Rubanenko A. O., Dyachkov V. A., Kirichenko N. A., Sergeeva T. A., Shchukin Yu. V.
Genotype CC VKORC1 is associated with hypercoagulation and decreasing of fibrinolytic activity in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation
pp. 1-8 (Research)

Shlyafer S. I.
Evaluation of the Work of Day Hospitals and Hospitals at Home in the Russian Federation. Analysis of Statistical Reporting
pp. 9-23 (Research)

Grechukhin I. V., Kulkov V. N., Fomichyov V. V.
The analysis of children morbidity rate due to traumas, poisonings and diseases of the musculoskeletal system based on the data from official statistics
pp. 24-39 (Research)

Bel'diev S.N., Egorova I. V., Gavrilenko N. G., Berezina E. I., Medvedeva I. V., Platonov D. Yu.
The reflection of foreign data on nicorandil-induced ulcerations in Russian publications in 2009-2018 years
pp. 40-58 (Discussion)

Machekhin V. A., Fabrikantov O. L., L'vov V. A.
Preperimetric glaucoma (literature review)
pp. 59-80 (Reviews)

Leonov G. M., Sorokin O. À., Solomatina À. S.
Analysis of the Effectiveness of Thrombolytic Therapy in Ryazan District Clinical Hospital for 2013-2017
pp. 81-89 (Research)

Chuprov A. D., Kazennov A. N., Kuvaytseva Y. S.,
The efficiency of application of Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV) in surgery of refractory secondary neovascular glaucoma for patients with diabetes mellitus
pp. 90-96 (Research)

Vagapov T. F., Baev V. M., Shmeleva S. A.
Arterial Hypertension in Men Is Combined with More Pronounced Symptoms of Chronic Venous Diseases
pp. 97-105 (Research)

Vishnyakova N. A.,
Experience with Use of Remote Electrocardiography in Small Cities of the Russian Federation
pp. 106-118 (Research)

Belikov S. V., Fabrikantov O. L., Matrosova Y. V., Kopylov A. E., Goydin D. A.
Features of Managing Pediatric Patients with Different Stages of Keratoconus
pp. 119-127 (Research)