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Journal «MEDICINA» 4/2019

pp. 1-125

Bel'diev S. N., Egorova I. V., Platonov D. Ju.
Recommendations on the use of oral anticoagulants in elderly patients: Beers criteria and evidence-based medicine
pp. 1-11 (Research)

Khorolskiy M. D., Chaplenko A. A., Vlasov A. M., Maslennikova N. V., Ramenskaya G. V.
Nitrosamine impurities in drugs: pathways of formation and mechanisms of toxic action
pp. 12-24 (Reviews)

Letyagina S. V., Shmeleva S. A., Agafonova T. Yu., Igumnova O. A.
Features of venous hemodynamic of the lower extremities in chronic venous diseases in men with arterial hypertension
pp. 25-33 (Research)

Erofeeva L. N., Suchkina D. A.
Study of Factors Affecting the Release of Drugs From Ointments
pp. 34-42 (Research)

Bogomolova E. S., Olyushina E. A., Kotova N. V., Maksimenko E. O., Shaposhnikova M. V., Kiseleva A. S.
Methodical Approaches to Diagnostics of Nutritional Status of Children and Adolescents (Literature Review)
pp. 43-56 (Reviews)

Rozenfeld I. I., Donskov S. A., Chilikina D. L., Akopyan A. V., Kukharchuk A. N., Mamedsahatova L. A., Pacoeva H. M.
The Negative Effect of Long-Term Systematic Alcohol Intake on Rat Liver
pp. 57-66 (Research)

Martusevich A. K., Shulgina E. M., Simonova Zh. G.
Features of Extragastrointesinal Signs of Helicobacter Pylori Infection
pp. 67-86 (Reviews)

Sharapov I. Yu., Matrosova Yu. V.
The comparative analysis of spatial contrast sensitivity in myopic patients in association with spectacle and orthokeratological correction
pp. 87-93 (Research)

Andryukov K. V., Korkodinova L. M.,
The use of molecular docking by enzyme hydrolase E.Coli (S.Aureus) in the study of the «structure-activity» relationship in a series of substituted amides and hydrazide of N-aroyl anthranilic acids
pp. 94-109 (Research)

Belevsky A. S., Berns S. A., Lartseva O. A., Myasnikov A. L., Nadaraya V. M., Talyzin P. A.
The efficacy and safety of gamma-interferon in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia: results of the open randomized trial IN/100000-317
pp. 110-125 (Research)