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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2018

pp. 1-152

Shlyafer S. I.
Diagnostic Work in Day Hospitals of the Russian Federation
pp. 1-18 (Research)

Bryun E. A., Koshkina E. A., Vinnikova M. A., Sokolchik E. I., Valkova U. V., Smirnovskaya M. S.
Comparative review of the principles and methods of drug treatment applied in Europe and in the Russian Federation
pp. 19-37 (Reviews)

Machekhin V. A., Fabrikantov O. L., L'vov V. A.
The Evolution of Methods for the Evaluation of the Optic Nerve Head and Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Method of the Heidelberg Retinography (HRT 3)
pp. 38-55 (Reviews)

Farkhutdinov L. I.
On the ascribed inconsistency of Russian health care system
pp. 56-75 (Discussion)

Prisenko V. G.[[1]], Makhkamova Z. R.[[2]], Demarko A.V.[[3]]
Optimization of Personnel Management by Means of Economic and Mathematical Modeling
pp. 76-87 (Research)

Igumnova (Samsonova) O. A., Agafonova T. Yu., Baev V. M.
Heart Parameters and Body Mass Index Association with Arterial Hypotension
pp. 88-95 (Research)

Sirak S. V., Bykova N. I., Laypanova F. M., Shchetinin E. V., Vafiadi A. A.
Pathomorphology of granulomas of the tooth root in various times of the inflammation
pp. 96-106 (Research)

Pavlinova E. B., Sahipova G. A.
Clinical Functional Outcomes of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Premature Infants
pp. 107-124 (Research)

Êrylova I. À., Slobodjanjuk À. L.
Stratification of Ambulatory Patients of The Samara Region According to Categories of Cardiovascular Risk, Depending on Their Physical Activity and Presence of Suboptimal Health Status
pp. 125-137 (Research)

Kletskin A. E.
Sharabrin E.G., Muhin A.S., Medvedev A.P., Ivanova Ya.A., Fedorov S.A. Tactics of endovascular treatment for thrombosis of the infarct-responsible artery using the procedure of manual vacuum thromboextraction (Nizhny Novgorod, 2018). A review.
pp. 138-139 (Reviews)

Grebenkina E. V., Gavryushov S. A., Lisovskaya S. B., Kardonsky D. A.
Evaluation of diagnostic efficiency of preliminary immunochromatographic analysis during chemical-toxicological studies on synthetic cathinones
pp. 140-152 (Research)