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Journal «MEDICINA» 4/2023

pp. 1-124

Salagay O. O., Antonov N. S., Sakharova G. M., Rusakova L. I.
Relationship Between the Incidence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and the Prevalence of Tobacco Smoking Among the Population of the Russian Federation
pp. 1-9 (Research)

Shkityr E. Yu., Aleksandrova N. A.
Chemical Addictions as a Component of Self-Destructive Behavior in Minors (Systematic Literature Review)
pp. 10-31 (Reviews)

Polchaninov A. I., Gantsgorn E. V., Hmara L. E.
Foreign Body in the Respiratory Tract in a Young Child: A Clinical Case
pp. 32-41 (Clinical Cases)

Russkih A. A., Luk'janenko N. V., Rudenko A. V., Kolomiets A. A., Petrova A. A., Mikhailova Y. V.
Preliminary results of a study based on genome-wide sequencing of resistant K.pneumoniae strains in a multidisciplinary hospital in Barnaul
pp. 42-54 (Research)

Burtsev A. A., Plotnikova M. A.
Methodology for Developing Educational and Rehabilitation Programs for Offending Drivers In European Countries (Review of Literature)
pp. 55-78 (Reviews)

Utkin S. I., Nenasteva A. Yu.
The Effectiveness of Nutritional Support on the Metabolism of Patients with Alcohol Withdrawal
pp. 79-89 (Research)

Aleshina A. G, Patyashina M. A.
Analysis of the Epidemiological Situation of Tuberculosis in the Republic of Tatarstan for the Period From 2012 To 2021
pp. 90-99 (Research)

Hametova A. P., Pichurina N. L., Sokolova E. P.
The story of a discovery: Ixodid tick-borne borreliosis
pp. 100-114 (Reviews)

Gulyaev D. K., Belonogova V. D.
Seasonal Changes in the Content of Biologically Active Substances and Antiradical Activity of Pine Cones
pp. 115-124 (Research)