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Journal «MEDICINA» 4/2022

pp. 1-79

Kochetova O. V., Avzaletdinova D. S., Korytina G. F., Morugova T. V., Boboedova O. V.
The Role of the Genes of Immune Response in the Development of Type 2 Diabetes
pp. 1-9 (Research)

Borisov I. V., Bondar V. A., Kudinov D. A., Nekrasova Yu. Yu., Kanarsky M. M., Pradhan P., Sorokina V. S., Redkin I. V.
Problems and Prospects of IT in Healthcare in Russia: Modern Realities
pp. 10-30 (Reviews)

Bykov Yu. V., Baturin V. A., Vorobyeva A. P., Vartanyan A. A.
Assessment of the Oxidative Status in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
pp. 31-41 (Research)

Chuprov A. D., Kuvaitseva Yu. S., Pidodniy E. A.
Complex Application of Modern Visualization Methods for the Anterior Chamber Angle
pp. 42-50 (Research)

Sakhratov V. A., Filimonova A. V., Malkova T. L., Karpova L. N.
Determination of Heavy Metals and Pesticides in Mentha Asiatica Herb by Modern Instrumental Methods
pp. 51-61 (Research)

Makhkamova Z. R., Sanina G. N., Simchin S. A.
Comparative Analysis of the Epidemiological Situation and Methods of COVID-19 Control in Some European Countries and Russia in 2020-2021
pp. 62-71 (Research)

Radzhapova F. R., Mahkamova F. T.
Analysis of the Prevalence and Intensity of Caries in Temporary Teeth in Children Aged 1-3 Years
pp. 72-79 (Research)