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Journal «MEDICINA» 2/2022

pp. 1-110

Chuprov A. D., Startseva M. I.
Comparative Analysis of Clinical and Economic Efficiency of Various IOL Models Implantation
pp. 1-9 (Research)

Filippova O. M., Bessmertny A. M., Kuzin M. N., Petrov S. Yu.
Prospects for Monitoring Intraocular Pressure Using Transpalpebral Tonometry
pp. 10-24 (Research)

Kobeleva T. A., Sichko A. I., Popova M. I.
Creation and Validation of the Method for Quantitative Determination of Bisoprolol in the New Pharmacological Composition "Bisoprolozol"
pp. 25-33 (Research)

Mashchenko P. S., Sakhratov V. A., Kalikina I. Yu., Malkova T. L.
Study of the Component Composition of the Mentha Asiatica Essential Oil by Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry
pp. 34-40 (Research)

Vinogradova A. D., Demidova M. A.
Effects of Enoxaparin at Therapeutic and Prophylactic Doses in COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
pp. 41-55 (Reviews)

Nozhkina N. N., Abdukadyrova A. R., Nozhina Å. À., Dvorskaya O. N.
Prospects for the Use of Cetylpyridinium Chloride in Modern Medical Practice (Literature Review)
pp. 56-64 (Reviews)

Puchnina S. V., Suldin A. S., Suldin A. V., Kalikina I. Yu.
Stability Studies of Pyron Tablets During Storage in Natural Conditions
pp. 65-72 (Research)

Boiko E. V., Panova I. E., Petrosyan Yu. M., Samkovich E. V.
Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Choroidal Melanoma. Review
pp. 73-92 (Reviews)

Lomonosov A. L., Lomonosov D. A., Abdullaeva D. F., Voevodina V. A., Frolov A. S.
Proctalgia Fugax from the Perspective of a Gastroenterologist-Coloproctologist. The First Thematic Literature Review in Russia.
pp. 93-110 (Reviews)