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Journal «MEDICINA» 4/2018

pp. 1-130

Gelman V. Ya.
Comparative Analysis of the Ranking of Medical Universities
pp. 1-16 (Research)

Matrosova Yu. V., Kutimova E. Yu., Fabrikantov O. L., Shutova S. V., Vasil’chenko A. A.
Comparative Analysis of Formation Dynamics of Binocular Functions in Children Operated on for Strabismus and Children with Anisometropic Amblyopia
pp. 17-27 (Research)

Morugova T. V., Ibragimova O. Y.2, Artamonova I. V., Avzaletdinova D. Sh.
Case Report on Diagnostic and Treatment of Insulinoma
pp. 28-38 (Clinical Cases)

Omurbekova M. M., Kangeldieva A. A., Musuraliev M. S.
Possibilities of Organ Preservation in Severe Placental Abruption with Coagulopathic Bleeding
pp. 39-47 (Research)

Bykova E. M., Rumiantseva E. V., Rud'ko E. A., Kochkina N. V., Aksenov A. V.
Research on Development of Composition and Technology of Capsules with Dry Extract of Astaxanthin for Medicamental Prevention and Complex Treatment of Glaucoma
pp. 48-57 (Research)

Kutumova O. Yu.
Sickness Rate in Teenagers of Krasnoyarsk Region Based on Healthcare Encounters
pp. 58-68 (Research)

Bogomolova E. S., Kiseleva A. S., Kovalchuk S. N.
Methodical Approaches for the Estimation of Children Physical Development for Determination of Modern Secular Trend
pp. 69-90 (Reviews)

Vagapov T. F., Baev V. M., Letyagina S. V., Druzhina L. N., Nechaeva M. G.
Lower Extremities Veins Vascular Tonus in Men with Arterial Hypertension
pp. 91-98 (Research)

Gantsgorn E. V., Alekseev A. N.
Case Report: «Difficult Patient» and the Problem of Polymorbidity and Polypragmasy
pp. 99-108 (Clinical Cases)

Malygin A. S., Lomonosova I. A., Bogomolova O. A., Demidova M. A.
Impact of Valprazolamide on the Exploratory Behavior in Mice
pp. 109-119 (Research)

Pesennikova E. V., Gridnev O.V., Kuchits S. S., Grizhanchuk A. M., Gadaborshev M. I., Marchenko S. D., Gerasimova K. V.
Foundations for Audit Methodology in Medical Institutions
pp. 120-130 (Research)