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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2023

pp. 1-107

Antonov N. S., Sakharova G. M., Rusakova L. I., Salagay O. O.
Dynamics of the Incidence of Respiratory Diseases Among the Population of the Russian Federation in 2010-2022
pp. 1-17 (Research)

Chuprov A. D., Rogacheva O. A., Trubnikov V. A., Borshchuk E. L.
Problems of Realizing the Rights of Citizens Insured in the System of Compulsory Medical Insurance in Patients of the Federal Ophthalmological Medical Center
pp. 18-24 (Research)

Burygina L. A., Berezantsev A. Yu., Golubev S. A., Shumakova E. A.
Reorganization of the Psychiatric Service and Antipsychotic Therapy of Schizophrenic Spectrum Patients
pp. 25-41 (Research)

Sinyakin I. A., Batalova T. A.
The Role of COVID-19 in the Development of Placental Abnormalities in Pregnant Patients
pp. 42-53 (Reviews)

Gulyaev D. K., Mashchenko P. S., Boyarshinov V. D., Belonogova V. D., Petrov R. S.
Study of the composition of the essential oil of Siberian fir cones, acute toxicity and antiradical activity of their aqueous extraction
pp. 54-65 (Research)

Agliullina S. T., Khasanova G. R., Yakubalieva R. R., Fazulzyanova I. M.
Awareness of the Population in the Tatarstan Republic on the Rabies Epidemiology and Prevention
pp. 66-75 (Research)

Shults K. V., Shirokostup S. V., Lukyanenko N. V.
Epidemiological Features of Present Stage of HIV Infection in the Russian Federation (Review)
pp. 76-90 (Reviews)

Burtsev A. A., Buvin A. A.
Review of Foreign Rehabilitation Programs for Drink-Drivers (New Zealand and United Kingdom)
pp. 91-107 (Research)