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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2019

pp. 1-122

S. A. Rozhnova, A. V. Tsypkina
Analysis of Some Indicators of the Outcomes of the Program "Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry" for 2013-2020 in Terms of Expanding the Kinds of Domestically Produced Medicines and Their Introduction in Treatment
pp. 1-15 (Research)

Ismailova D. S.
Severe Corneal Damage in Thyroid Eye Disease. Clinical case and a Review of Literature
pp. 16-25 (Clinical Cases)

Bel'diev S. N., Berezina E. I., Gavrilenko N. G., Egorova I. V., Medvedeva I. V., Platonov D. Ju.
German observational study of the tolerability of enteric-coated acetylsalicylic acid and its presentation in Russian publications 2009-2018
pp. 26-41 (Discussion)

Gridin V. N., Novikov I. A., Solodovnikov V. I., Trufanov M. I., Lebedev A. S., Bubnova I. A., Borisenko T. E.
Calculation error of local radius of anterior surface curvature of the cornea by optical cuts as independent diagnostic characteristic of keratokonus (preliminary report)
pp. 42-54 (Research)

Diachkovskaia P. S., Sleptsova S. S.
First Identified Case of Dengue Fever in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
pp. 55-60 (Clinical Cases)

Pishchita A. N., Prosyanik L. D., Klochkov V. P., Ivanova N. A.
Classification of Types of Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare
pp. 61-69 (Research)

Pavlush D. G., Matveeva N. U., Dyuizen I. V.
Morphological Features of Chronic Polyposis Rhinosinusitis
pp. 70-80 (Research)

Dilenyan L. R., Belkania G. S., Martusevich A. K.
Anthropophysiological Analysis of Hemodynamic Support of Physical Exercises
pp. 81-98 (Research)

Malygin A. S., Popov N. S., Demidova M. A., Kudrayshova M. N., Bogomolova O. A.
Effect of Valprazolamide on the Content of Neuroactive Amino Acids in the Rat Brain
pp. 99-108 (Research)

Chepranova Zh. Yu., Yatsenko Ye. A., Lisikh Ye. A., Kapustina Z. A.
Phenomenon of preconditioning in the aspects of the ischemic brain damage
pp. 109-122 (Reviews)