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Journal «MEDICINA» 4/2016

pp. 1-109

Sakharova G. M., Antonov N. S., Donitova V. V.
Global Youth Tobacco Survey (Ages 13-15)
pp. 1-12 (Research)

Barinova A. N., Plavinskii S. L.
Life-time cost of averted HIV infection for simplified cost-effectiveness analysis of preventative interventions
pp. 13-21 (Research)

Belova E. P.
Effect of territorial health systems restructuring on working-age population dropouts from the production process
pp. 22-31 (Research)

D. A. Fadeeva
Development of composition and technology of anti-cataract eye drops with amino acids
pp. 32-39 (Discussion)

Vasilenko V. S., Shapovalova A. B., Kul'chitskaya J. K.
Markers of endothelial dysfunction in athletes with mitral valve prolapse
pp. 40-49 (Research)

Zagorodny N. V., Volna A. A., Panfilov I. I.
The advantages of using proximal femoral nail anti-rotation (PFNA) with the augmentation in the osteosynthesis of hip fractures secondary to osteoporosis
pp. 50-58 (Reviews)

Gantsgorn E. V., Chernigovets L. F.
Pharmacoepidemiological analysis of neuroprotective drugs: state of the problem and perspectives
pp. 59-67 (Reviews)

Kataev V. A., Zaripova G. R., Bogdanova J. A.
Current models of support systems for medical decision-making in surgical practice. State of the problem
pp. 68-74 (Reviews)

Stepanova E. Ì., Morugova T. V.
Monitoring the problem of iodine deficit among pregnant women living in iodine-deficient areas
pp. 75-84 (Research)

Ruchin M. V., Martusevich A. K.
Assessment of the effectiveness of flap plasty on feeding pedicle in the treatment of deep burns
pp. 85-94 (Research)

Bryun E. A., Koshkina E. A., Arshinova V. V., Kirzhanova V. V.
Regional rating based on integral assessment of the Russian Drug Treatment Service Modernization Program indicators
pp. 95-109 (Research)