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Regional rating based on integral assessment of the Russian Drug Treatment Service Modernization Program indicators

Journal «MEDICINA» ¹ 4, 2016, pp.95-109 (Research)


Bryun E. A.
«Moscow Research and Practical Center on Addictions of the Moscow Health Care Department»

Koshkina E. A.
«Moscow Research and Practical Center on Addictions of the Moscow Health Care Department»

Arshinova V. V.
«Moscow Research and Practical Center on Addictions of the Moscow Health Care Department»; «Lomonosov Moscow State University»

Kirzhanova V. V.
«Moscow Research and Practical Center on Addictions of the Moscow Health Care Department»; «Federal Medical Research Center on Psychiatry and Addiction medicine named after V.P. Serbsky»


Article describes the studies of the resulting indicators of the Drug Treatment Service modernization in 2015. The study resulted in the development of a technique for calculation of integral quality assessment. Integral assessment made it possible to rate drug treatment services in federal districts and regions of Russia and compare them.

Key words

modernization, drug treatment service, rating, ranking, integral estimate, Russia


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