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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2016

pp. 1-200

Shlyafer S. I.
Analysis of the State of Health and Provision of Health Care to the Rural Population of the Russian Federation
pp. 1-11 (Research)

Komarov J. M.
How Should We Develop Our Healthcare? Part 3. What Should Be Done for Healthcare Development in the Russian Federation?
pp. 12-14 (Discussion)

Pfaff V. F., Yaroslavskaya L. I., Yaroslavskaya M. A., Petrovskaya A. N.
In memoriam of academician Alexander A. Yaroslavsky (The 75th anniversary)
pp. 15-28 (Information)

Yablokova N. V., Fabrikantov O. L., Shutova S. V.
The assessment of the outcomes of the primary open-angle glaucoma surgical treatment in patients undergone selective laser trabeculoplasty
pp. 29-39 (Research)

Hardikov A. V., Petrov S. V., Liadvin A. Y.,
The relationship of placental–fetal blood flow with nuclear intoxication index in uncomplicated pyelonephritis in pregnant women
pp. 40-44 (Brief communications)

Gridin L. A.
Modern understanding of the physiological and therapeutic and prophylactic effects of actions hypoxia and hypercapnia
pp. 45-68 (Reviews)

Chumakov D. V., Melnikov A. I., Yaroslavskaya M. A.
Prevention of burnout
pp. 69-78 (Practices)

Tereshhenko A. V., Dolgov Ju. V., Rumjancev D. S., Sajdumarov K. V.
Information system of ophthalmologic clinic
pp. 79-89 (Brief communications)

Kildebekova R. N., Dmitriev A. V., Nizamov A. K.
The long-term results of physical training programme for patients with arterial hypertension (physiological and psychological aspects)
pp. 90-96 (Research)

Alekseeva E. V.
Levels of Amino Acid Content in Blood Plasma Associated with an Increased Risk of Adverse Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients
pp. 97-114 (Research)

Tereshhenko A. V., Trifanenkova I. G., Yudina N. N.
The effectiveness of the use of liquid perfluororganic compounds in the surgical treatment of active stages of retinopathy of prematurity
pp. 115-125 (Research)

Esina Å. Y., Lutov V. V., Tsygan V. N.
Analysis of the functional state of the myocardium in patients with neurocirculatory asthenia with hypercholesterolemia according of the electrocardiogram dispersion mapping
pp. 126-135 (Research)

Mamikonyan V. R., Mazurova Yu. V., Petrov S. Yu., Safonova D. M., Sorokin A. S.
Bleb assessment after post-trabeculectomy subconjunctival ranibizumab injection
pp. 136-163 (Research)

Nadezhdin A. V., Tetenova E. Ju., Sharova E. V.
Nicotine Dependence: Diagnosis and Treatment
pp. 164-189 (Lectures)

Bubnova I. A., , Semchishen V. A., , Sviridov A. P., , Khaydukov E. V., , Novikov I. A., , Petrov S. Yu., , Pakhomova N. A., , Volzhanin A. V.
Spectral-polarized properties of eye fibrous tunic photoluminescence
pp. 190-200 (Research)