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Journal «MEDICINA» 2/2021

pp. 1-112

Chuprov A. D., Kim S. M., Kazakova T. V., Treushnikov V. M.
Δ9-desaturases in the regulation of exchange processes
pp. 1-17 (Reviews)

Kolgashkin A. J., Fyodorov M. V., Tetenova E. J., Nadezhdin A. V., Koshkina E. A., Kucherov Yu. N., Nadezhdin S. A., Koshkin E. A., Kritsky A. V., Dobroskokin L. G., Bedina I. A., Buzik O. Zh., Koporov S. G., Bryun E. A.
Current activities and prospects for the development of the Internet resource of a medical organization. Example of the web-site of the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Addictions
pp. 18-33 (Research)

Salagay O. O., Sakharova G. M., Antonov N. S.
Dynamics of Consumption of Tobacco and Nicotine-Containing Products in the Russian Federation in 2019-2021
pp. 34-47 (Research)

Barinova A. N., Lebedeva A. A., Ladnaya N. N., Tayts B. M., Zaytseva E. E., Leonova O. N., Plavinskii S. L.
Association of Substance Abuse, Violence, HIV/AIDS (SAVA) Syndrome with STI and HIV-Infection Among Injecting Drug Users in Six Cities of Russian Federation
pp. 48-62 (Research)

Malygin A. S., Andreev S. S., Tsarenko S. V., Petrushin M. A.
Antibiotic Resistance of Klebsiella Pneumoniae Strains Isolated from the Blood of Patients With COVID-19
pp. 63-74 (Research)

Dvorskaya O. N., Nozhkina N. N.
Combined Determination of Succinic Acid and Cetylpyridinium Chloride in Medicinal Films by Gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatography
pp. 75-88 (Research)

Agliullina S. T., Mukharyamova L. M., Khasanova G. R., Sitdikova L. A.
HIV testing and counseling: some aspects of the problem
pp. 89-99 (Research)

Golubova T. N., Ovsyannikova N. M., Makhkamova Z. R., Tkachenko I. Yu.
Multiply Regression Analysis as An Integrated Approach in the TB Indicators Assessment in the Republic of Crimea
pp. 100-112 (Research)