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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2021

pp. 1-127

Panova I. E., Samkovich E. V.
Complex Diagnostic Technology for Assessing Blood Supply in the Initial Stages of Choroidal Melanoma
pp. 1-13 (Research)

Gelman V. Ya.
Modeling of Health Status Home Telemonitoring in the Healthcare System
pp. 14-23 (Research)

Petrov S. Yu., Zhuravleva A. N., Kosakyan S. M., Vasilenkova L. V.
Micropulse Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation: Modern Approach to Glaucoma Treatment
pp. 24-35 (Research)

Bel'diev S. N., Andreeva E. V., Berezina E. I., Egorova I. V., Medvedeva I. V., Platonov D. Yu.
Feasibility of Screening for Frailty in Elderly Patients with Arterial Hypertension: Age Is Not A Hindrance?
pp. 36-57 (Research)

Peredelskaya E. A., Safyanova T. V.
Clinical and Epidemiological Assessment of the Burden of Chickenpox at the Primary Health Care Level in Children Under 17 in Barnaul
pp. 58-68 (Research)

Chedly Mehdi, Golovchenko A. V., Siplivy V. I.
Historical Overview of Ways to Notate Visual Acuity Data
pp. 69-78 (Reviews)

Landina L. N.
Standardization of Dry Extract of Pumpkin Pulp Juice, Which Has a Hypolipidemic Effect on the Content of Β-Carotene
pp. 79-92 (Research)

Rozenfeld I. I., Chilikina D. L.
Comparison of the Effectiveness of "Înlay" Plastics of Large and Giant Hernias of The Esophageal Aperture of the Diaphragm with a Polypropylene Mesh Implant and a Biocarbon Double-Layer Mesh Implant
pp. 93-102 (Research)

Satkeeva A. J.
Some Causes for the Development and Diagnosis of Thromboembolic Complications. Analytical Review
pp. 103-115 (Reviews)

Bykov Yu. V., Baturin V. A.
Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Cerebral Edema in Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Pediatric Practice
pp. 116-127 (Reviews)