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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2018

pp. 1-160

Grishin S. M.
Crimes committed by medical workers as a result of improper performance of their professional duties (based on the case-law of the European part of Russia 2015-2017)
pp. 1-14 (Discussion)

Yaroslavskaya M. A., Kuznetsov N. A.
Results of burnout syndrome study in health workers
pp. 15-24 (Research)

Chebotarev V. V., Aschakov M. S., Chebotareva N. V., Shchetinin E. V.
Macrolides in the treatment of urogenital infections: proven efficacy or marketing policy of pharmaceutical companies?
pp. 25-41 (Discussion)

Kazanin A. A., Zagrekov V. I.
Anesthetic management of patients with the syndrome of “diabetic foot” and critical limb ischemia
pp. 42-71 (Research)

Tereshchenko A. V., Trifanenkova I. G., Alhimova D. V.
High-tech medical care in ophthalmology: organizational and informational aspects
pp. 72-86 (Research)

Borisov I. V., Zimina E. V., Stryuk R. I.
Registry as a basis for the analysis of the pregnancy and childbirth in women with arrhythmias
pp. 87-98 (Research)

Fabrikantov O. L., Matrosova Yu. V., Shutova S. V.
Features of accommodative function in children with anisohypermetropic amblyopia
pp. 99-109 (Research)

Batluk T. I., Tsygankova O. V., Latyntseva L. D., Platonov D. Y., Starichkov A. A.
Clinical case in the practice of an internist: a patient with elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate
pp. 110-118 (Clinical Cases)

Kochin I. V.
Role, tasks and functioning of the disinfection service among civilians and the military in the military operations zone
pp. 119-148 (Reviews)

Martusevich A. K., Dmitrochenkov A. V., Razumovsky A. V., Galova E. A.
Perspectives for monitoring of physical and chemical properties of biological fluids in combustiology
pp. 149-160 (Reviews)