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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2017

pp. 1-114

Krylova I. A., Goydin A. P., Fabrikantov O. L.
The comparative efficacy of subthreshold micropulse laser treatment and standard threshold grid laser coagulation in diabetic macular edema
pp. 1-8 (Research)

Peskovets R. D., Shtarik S. Yu., Evsyukov À. À.
Analysis of prevalence of smoking depending on the presence of hypertension among adult population of Krasnoyarsk
pp. 9-18 (Research)

Malykhin F. T., Baturin V. A.
Assignment of Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Elderly and Senile Pulmonary Patients – an Assessment
pp. 19-24 (Research)

Kuandykov G. B.
Phenomenon of Public Health in the Sociology of Medicine Format
pp. 25-35 (Reviews)

Shingareeva L. A., Baikov D. E.
The Computer and Magnetic Resonance Tomography in the Diagnosis of Space-Occupying Lesions of the Adrenal Glands
pp. 36-43 (Brief communications)

Tetenova E. Ju.
Trends and experiences in e-Health introduction. Prospectives for Addiction Medicine
pp. 44-55 (Reviews)

Yaroslavskaya M. A., Pfaf V. F., Nikolaenko E. M.
Medical and psychological approach to the problem of understanding the phenomenon of "pain"
pp. 56-79 (Research)

Maslyakov V. V., Ilyukhin A. V.
Impact of extremely high frequencies on indices of peripheral blood leukocytes in patients with the chronic generalized periodontal disease
pp. 80-88 (Research)

Grishin S. M.
Procedures on receiving of claim with a court notice for medical organization managing director
pp. 89-94 (Brief communications)

Komlev S. S., Shcherbakov M. V., Kurnosova A. M.
Method of producing temporary constructions
pp. 95-98 (Brief communications)

Roytberg G. E., Sharkhun O. O.
Features of liver damage progression in insulin resistant patients
pp. 99-107 (Research)

Resolution of the Scientific-practical and educational conference of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation "Regional opportunities for combatting the tobacco epidemic", Tver, November 20, 2015
pp. 108-114 (Information)