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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2015

pp. 1-81

Ponkin Igor V., Ponkina Alexandra A.
Pediatric Palliative Care
pp. 1-17 (Research)

Danishevskiy K. D.
Types of studies in evidence-based medicine
pp. 18-30 (Reviews)

Plavinski S. L.
Economic evaluation of medicines for rare diseases. Should it be carried out and, if so, what are its features?
pp. 31-43 (Discussion)

Vasquez Abanto J.E., Vasquez Abanto A.Å., Arellano Vasquez S.B.
Bioethics of the health care professional in the 21st century
pp. 44-62 (Discussion)

Protsenko R.V., Akinshin B.I., Popova V.S.
Medico-environmental monitoring of Belgorod region pediatric health state in districts affected by Chernobyl industrial disaster
pp. 63-69 (Research)

Nesterova A.V.
Financial, organizational and legal aspects of free high-tech medical care in Russia
pp. 70-81 (Research)