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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2021

pp. 1-110

Salagay O. O., Sakharova G. M., Antonov N. S.
Dynamics of Public Awareness About Measures to Combat Tobacco and Nicotine-Containing Products in the Russian Federation in 2019-2021
pp. 1-15 (Research)

Shlyafer S. I.
The Results of the Medical Examination of The Population Older Than Working Age in the Russian Federation
pp. 16-31 (Research)

Timonin A. V., Shirokostup S. V., Lukyanenko N. V.
Assessment of the Epidemic Situation on the Incidence of Tick-Borne Rickettsiosis and Tick-Borne Encephalitis in the Population of Altai Territory in 2000-2019
pp. 32-42 (Research)

Gelman V. Ya.
Optimization of the Observation Period to Improve the Quality of Early Diagnosis of Diseases
pp. 43-53 (Research)

Shulga A. S., Kraynova N. N., Burtsev D. V.
Stability of Hemocytometry Parameters Under Different Sample Storage Conditions
pp. 54-74 (Research)

Borisov I. V., Bondar V. A., Kudinov D. A., Kanarskii M. M., Nekrasova J. J., Dmitriev D. A.
Review of Medical Thermometry: From the Advent to Modern Applications
pp. 75-90 (Reviews)

Safronenko A. V., Gantsgorn E. V., Chernigovets L. F., Sklyanaya E. A., Chotiy V. A.
To the Problem of Comorbidity of HIV Infection and Tuberculosis
pp. 91-98 (Research)

Shinko T. G., Terentyeva S. V., Yagunov S. Ye., Prosenko O. I., Kandalintseva N. V., Ivanovskaya E. A.
Development of Methods for Quantitative Determination of The New Antioxidant Dodecyl(3,5-Dimethyl-4-Hydroxybenzyl)Sulfide
pp. 99-110 (Research)