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Journal «MEDICINA» 2/2020

pp. 1-126

Chuprov A. D., Kim S. M , Korshunova N. V., Fomenko A. V., Kuvaitseva Y. S., Ryvkin I. S.
Complex Therapy Response in Treatment of Partial Optic Atrophy of Various Origins
pp. 1-9 (Research)

Bel'diev S. N., Egorova I. V., Kononova A. G., Medvedeva I. V., Platonov D. Yu., Kolbasnikov S. V.
Myths about drug interactions of Josamycin
pp. 10-30 (Discussion)

Andreevskaya S. G., Shevlyagina N. V., Pseunova J. R.,
Morphological Ńhanges of S. Aureus Cultivated in the Presence of Antibacterial Drugs
pp. 31-49 (Research)

Gelman V. Ya., Dokhov M. A.
Problems of Development of Health Monitoring at Residential Settings
pp. 50-60 (Discussion)

Kovalenko N. M., Mikhailov D. A.
Resource Potential of Sanatorium-Resort Technologies
pp. 61-72 (Research)

Bykov Yu. V., Baturin V. A., Uglova T. A.
Estimating the Levels of Autoantibodies to NMDA and Dopamine Receptors in Children with Diabetes Mellitus Type I, Subject to The Condition Severity
pp. 73-80 (Research)

Khasanova G. R., Ągliullin D. R., Abdulaeva E. A., Kagirova L. R.
Risk Factors for Central Serous Chorioretinopathy: A Case-Control Study
pp. 81-93 (Research)

Synoda V. A., Zhmakin I. A., Kudrich L. A., Vasiliev P. V., Bakanov K. B., Kuznetsova A. M.
The Main Results of Activities to Improve the Environment and Protect the Population of the Tver Region from Measles Infection
pp. 94-107 (Research)

Pishchita A. N., Zadvornaya O. L., Fadeeva E. I.
Public-Private Partnership in the System of Mandatory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation
pp. 108-116 (Research)

Tverskaya S.
The Literary Description of Addison's Disease (From the Story by I. S. Turgenev "A Living Relic")
pp. 117-126 (Discussion)