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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2019

pp. 1-149

Miroshnichenko I. V., Treushnikov V. M., Chuprov A. D.
Processes in Crystalline Lens and Mechanisms of Their Functioning, Preventing Cataract Progression
pp. 1-36 (Reviews)

Malygin A. S.
Research of the Antiepyleptic Activity of the New Amydic Derivative Valproic Acid and 1,3,4-Thiadiazole
pp. 37-46 (Research)

Ashina M. V., Kiseleva A. S., Kovalchuk S. N., Ashina E. Y.
School of the Future: New Methods of Creating Healthy Educational Environment
pp. 47-67 (Reviews)

Epishkina A. A., Zaletina A. V., Chilipenok A. S., Martusevich A. K.
Morfological and Biophysical Methods of Melanoma Diagnostics
pp. 68-81 (Reviews)

Vishnyakova N. A.
The Experience of Prophylactic Medical Examination of Certain Groups of Adult Population. Uryupinsk District, Years 2013-2017
pp. 82-91 (Research)

Chuprov A. D., Lositskiy A. O., Firsov A. S., Malgin K. V.
Economic effect of a screening model for diabetic retinopathy in the Orenburg region
pp. 92-103 (Research)

Kataev S. S., Dvorskaya O. N., Gofenberg M. A., Dunilin A. V.
The study of the metabolic profile of cannabimimetic MDMB-2201 in urine using gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection
pp. 104-120 (Research)

Shmatko A. D., Gelman V. Y., Serdyukov Y. P., Lanko S. V.
Analysis of Changes in the Contingent of Trainees of Additional Professional Training Programs
pp. 121-131 (Research)

Belikova K. M.
On the legal basis of hospice and other palliative care: On the monograph by A.A. Ponkina and I.V. Ponkin “Legal regulation of palliative medical care” (M., GEOTAR, 2019)
pp. 132-137 (Reviews)

Ilyushin A. L., Krasnaya Y. L., Shabalkin P. I.
The results of an open comparative study in parallel groups of the efficacy and safety of the Refnot® (tumor necrosis factor - thymosin - 1 alpha recombinant) drug in the treatment of disseminated triple negative breast cancer
pp. 138-149 (Research)