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Journal «MEDICINA» 2/2023

pp. 1-99

Korchagin V. V.
Features of persons who have committed virtual sexual offenses
pp. 1-10 (Reviews)

Burtsev A. A., Buvin A. A., Nadezhdin A. V., Fedorov M. V., Kolgashkin A. J.
The Problem of Diagnostics of Intoxicated Drivers
pp. 11-28 (Research)

Plotnikov D. Yu., Kolesnikova E. M., Khalilov V. R.
Mendelian Randomization in Drug Repurposing
pp. 29-41 (Reviews)

Skryabina A. A., Tereshkin N. A., Nikiforov V. V., Kashirin V. I., Antipyat N. A., Zastrozhin M. S., Sychev D. A.
Application of Global Trigger Tool to Identify Adverse Drug Reactions in Patients of the Infectious Hospital
pp. 42-55 (Research)

Al Nemer Diaa Mohammad, Pligina E. V., Lebasova A. A.
The Epidemic Situation of Tuberculosis in the Republic of Mordovia
pp. 56-65 (Research)

Korneva Yu. S., Borisenko M. B.
Breastfeeding: The First Step Towards the Formation of a Balanced Composition of the Intestinal Microbiota as One of the Ways to Prevent Certain Socially Significant Diseases
pp. 66-76 (Reviews)

Alpidovskaya O. V.
A Case of Septic Myocarditis and Septicopyemia After SARS-CoV-2 Infection
pp. 77-83 (Clinical Cases)

Beybalaeva A. T., Isupanova K. M., Kastoeva A. A., Magomedov C. G., Saidova F. H., Khagazheeva A. K., Kutueva M. I., Tagirova M. M., Khabalaeva Y. R., Shatilova T. A., Kardanova Z. A.
Innovations in Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: Improving Results And Minimizing Side Effects
pp. 84-99 (Reviews)