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Journal «MEDICINA» 3/2022

pp. 1-91

Petukhov A. E., Mel’nik E. V., Nadezhdin A. V., Tetenova E. J., Sukhanova A. M., Pankratenko E. P., Koshkina E. A.
Development and Validation of a Method for Quantitative Determination of Phosphatidylethanol in Whole Blood
pp. 1-12 (Research)

Bel'diev S. N., Trufanova G. Yu., Medvedeva I. V., Egorova I. V., Berezina E. I., Platonov D. Yu.
Cytisine Use for Tobacco Addiction Treatment: Comments on the Russian Guidelines for Prevention of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases
pp. 13-28 (Research)

Panova I. E., Samkovich E. V., Ankudinova S. V., Penzeva K. V.
Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy in the Assessment of Lamellar Macular Holes with Epiretinal Proliferation
pp. 29-41 (Research)

Gelman V. Ya.
Ways of Development of Equipment and Research Methods for Functional Diagnostics
pp. 42-52 (Research)

Gar'kavenko V. V., Kireeva E. A., Epova E. V., Balashova P. M.
Overview of Local Side Effects of Prostaglandin Analogues in Patients with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
pp. 53-62 (Reviews)

Strakhova S. S., Samoukina À. Ì., Àlexeeva Ju. À., Rodionov A. A., Strakhov Ì. À.
Microecological Biomarkers of the Resistance Level of the Organism in Newborns
pp. 63-71 (Research)

Zotova N. V., Taran O. P., An G. F., Savchenko E. N.
A systematic approach in emergency ultrasound diagnostics (review of clinical cases)
pp. 72-84 (Clinical Cases)

Nozhkina N. N., Dvorskaya O. N.
Determination of the Main Quality Indicators and Evaluation of Medicinal Films Containing Succinic Acid and Cetylpyridinium Chloride
pp. 85-91 (Research)