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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2020

pp. 1-135

Nafikova G. A.
Deprivation of the Right to Engage in Medical Activities by a Court Decision Due to Causing Death by Negligence
pp. 1-11 (Discussion)

Balabaeva E. A., Matrosova Yu. V.
The comparative analysis of fusion reserves in children with mild and average degree of myopia in association with spectacle and orthokeratological correction
pp. 12-19 (Research)

Ukrainets R. V., Korneva Yu. S.
Intestinal Microbiota, Leaky Gut Syndrome and New Interpretation of Pathogenesis and Prophylaxis of Well-Known Diseases (Review)
pp. 20-33 (Reviews)

Gantsgorn E. V., Nasyrova V. A., Shahbanov A. Sh., Alekseev A. N.
Cardiovascular Comorbidity and Diabetes Mellitus (Clinical Case)
pp. 34-50 (Clinical Cases)

Litvinov A. S., Savin A. V., Kuhtina A. A.
Long-Term Prospects of Extrapulmonary Persistence of SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus
pp. 51-73 (Reviews)

Aleksandrova J. L., Shefer K. K.
Anatomical and Refractive Characterstics of an Eyeball in Children with Myopia
pp. 74-81 (Research)

Grishin S. M.
Actual problems in the field of cosmetology services
pp. 82-92 (Discussion)

Plavinsky S. L., Shabalkin P. I.
Cost-effectiveness of interferon gamma in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in a hospital
pp. 93-101 (Research)

Khasanova G. R., Hakimov N. M., Ągliullin D. R., Abdulaeva E. A.
Risk factors for central serous chorioretinopathy. Systematic review and meta-analysis.
pp. 102-124 (Reviews)

Samkovich E. V., Panova I. E.
Doppler ultrasound imaging in the study of blood supply to choroidal melanoma
pp. 125-135 (Research)