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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2023

pp. 1-118

Shlyafer S. I.
Organization of Medical Care at Home for Patients with A Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in the Russian Federation
pp. 1-13 (Research)

Gelman V. Ya.
Modeling drugs’ dosage adjustments in responsible self-treatment of chronic diseases
pp. 14-24 (Research)

Plotnikov D. Yu., Agliullina S. T., Ashryatova L. Sh., Pankratova S. A., Lushanina K. A., Zakirov I. K., Shulaev A. V.
Analysis of the Prevalence of Myopia in Medical Students
pp. 25-34 (Research)

Korchagin V. V., Kamenskov M. Yu.
Mechanisms for committing virtual sexual offenses and their forensic psychiatric evaluation
pp. 35-46 (Research)

Alekseeva N. D., Sirotko I. I., Bulkhina G. R., Bulkhin R. I.
The Main Trends in the Development of Medical Tourism and the Export of Medical Services in the Samara Region
pp. 47-55 (Research)

Fedorovitch G. V.
Prediction of the Dynamics of Polymorbid Pathology
pp. 56-76 (Research)

Nadezhdin A. V., Tetenova E. J., Kolgashkin A. J., Petukhov A. E., Davydova E. N., Kruzhalov A. N., Koshkina E. A.
A cross-sectional study of harmful alcohol consumption in acutely ill neurological patients of a general hospital
pp. 77-109 (Research)

Pligina E. V., Semeleva E. V.
Analysis of the State of the Problem of Cardiovascular Diseases in the Republic of Mordovia
pp. 110-118 (Research)