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Journal «MEDICINA» 1/2013

pp. 1-62

Gerasimenko N. F., Aleksandrova O. J.
Informing patients on treatment alternatives – duty of health professionals under both free and pay medical interventions
pp. 1-7 (Research)

Kirill Danishevski, Dina Balabanova, Martin McKee, Ellen Nolte, Nina Schwalbe, Natalia Vasilieva
Towards a better understanding of birth outcomes in Russia
pp. 8-21 (Research)

Solodukhina D. P., Tolmatchev N. E.
The study of rational bedspace use in the therapeutic branches of the city of Kursk clinics
pp. 22-28 (Research)

Milton C.Weinstein, Bernie O’Brien, John Hornberger, Joseph Jackson, Magnus Johannesson, Chris McCabe, Bryan R. Luce
Principles of Good Practice for Decision Analytic Modeling in Health-Care Evaluation: Report of the ISPOR Task Force on Good Research Practices – Modeling Studies
pp. 29-40 (Reports)

Plavinsky S. L., Plavinskaya S. I.
The Role Of Antioxidants In The Treatment And Prevention Of Human Diseases
pp. 41-54 (Reviews)

Komarov J. M.
Once Again on Free and Paid Health Care
pp. 55-62 (Discussion)