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Retraction of publication

The rules for retraction of the articles are based on the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

The decision on retraction is taken by the editors of the journal «Medicina» in case of:

Clear evidence of unreliability of published information, resulting from either conscious actions (for example, falsification of data), or due to bona fide errors (for example, errors in calculations or experiments);

The previous publication of the findings of the study in another edition without proper references, permissions and rationales for the need to re-publish (i.e. duplicate publication);

Publication is plagiarized;

The publication describes research conducted in violation of ethical standards;

The Authors concealed a conflict of interest that could affect the interpretation of data and its use.

An article can also be withdrawn at the initiative of the Author/Team of Authors in case of:

Publishing an article in another journal without notifying the Author/Team of Authors;

Lack of Author's consent to publish the article in collaboration;

Identification of previously unnoticed matching of the study results with the results of studies by other authors;

Errors in the study or the findings.

The main purpose of a review is to correct the published information and ensure its accuracy, and not punish the Authors who have committed violations. In case of detection of violations at the editing stage, the material is either returned to the Author/Team of Authors for revision or rejected.

The decision to retract the article is made by the editors upon recommendation of the Editor in Chief, containing rationales for the retraction of the article. The Author/Team of Authors is informed about the retraction of the article, the Author is also asked for his/her/their opinion on the validity of the idea of retracting the article. If the Author/Team of Authors ignores the request of the editorial board, the editorial board has the right to retract the publication without taking into account the opinion of the Author/Team of Authors. An article can also be withdrawn even if the Author/Team of Authors objects to this.

If the Author/Team of Authors finds it necessary to withdraw the article, they address the Editorial Board, providing rationale for their decision. The Editorial Board answers the Authors, and, if there are grounds for retraction, carries out the retraction procedure.

The decision to retract an article is recorded in the minutes of the respective editorial meeting.

Having decided to retract the article, the Editorial Board indicates the reason for this decision, as well as the date of retraction. The article itself and description of the article remain on the journal’s website as part of the corresponding issue, however, the text is marked «Retracted» and the date of retraction is specified. The same mark is placed in the PDF version of the article and in the list of issues. The digital object identifier (doi), as well as a permanent link that identifies the location of the material, are preserved.

The Editor in Chief dispatches to the scientific citation bases the minutes of the editorial meeting, indicating the date of the meeting, list of the participants, the results of the examination, editorial decision, the data of the retracted publication.

The Author (Corresponding Author in the case of collective authorship) gets the minutes of the editorial meeting with the wording justifying the reason for the retraction of the article.

The withdrawal of the article is made immediately after the Editors are sure that the publication has serious violations and contains deliberately false information or plagiarism.

The Editors of the journal, along with the decision to retract the article, may decide to impose a ban on accepting publication of articles from the Author of the retracted material for a certain period.

Information about the retraction of the article is published in the next issue of the journal.

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Retraction of publication

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